At BUI, we find the best ways to elevate and empower our customers at every stage of their digital journey.

From our tech hubs in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, we serve businesses throughout South Africa and across the African continent.

From entrepreneurial start-ups to established businesses, and from high-profile corporates to enterprise-level multinationals, we strengthen organisations in diverse industries.

Some of our biggest success stories involve customers operating within the commercial, entertainment, financial, health, legal, and retail sectors. With our award-winning capabilities and industry partnerships, we’re ideally positioned to guide companies as they adapt to the changing digital landscape.

Big or Small

Technology is critical for every business.

We recognize that all companies – big or small - have the same reliance on technology to operate efficiently and remain competitive in today’s ever changing business environment. This reliance has changed the way we do business and technology has become a critical communication tool for employees and customers alike.

Trust goes a long way

Finding the right Service Provider is key

The top frustrations when adopting cloud services is finding the right experienced service provider to manage your cloud investments from a to z. BUI a2zManaged provides you with flexible service options scaled to fit your pocket with the backing of the best Azure architects and consultants in Africa.

The right experienced service provider

a2zManaged services include


Right Advise

• Advisory services – light touch assessment to determine current state.
• Review existing Azure environment(s) to identify networking, workload optimisation, security, monitoring, compliance, flexibility and scalability needs.
• Validate Azure architecture is optimised for required/existing workloads.
• Managed service configuration and take-on.
• Account Manager.

Right Infrastructure

• Variety of infrastructure and platform services with service management, governance and control across cloud resources.
o IT Services
o Configuration Management
o Network Management Services
o Backup & Recovery
o Identity Management
o Automation / DevOps

Right Monitoring

• Monitoring across cloud resources.
• Alert generation from pre-defined metrics.
• Record and track interruptions.
• Detailed reporting and insights.
• Customer dashboard.

Right Costs

• Scalability and consumption optimisation.
• Usage and spend optimisation.
• Usage and spend forecasting.
• Capacity planning.
• Rightsizing – resource optimisation.
• Azure hybrid benefit application.

Right Security

• Managed Security – IaaS, PaaS, Network, Access, Anti-virus, Patching
• Scaled security event monitoring, threat management and response.
• Security improvement feedback.
• Complete Cyber SoC services available

Right Support

• ITIL based Service Desk integration with incident, request and change management procedures.
• Flexible support retainers.
• Automation and self-service.

Right Governance

• Azure Governance
• Policy based governance
• Monitor compliance status
Backed by more than 20 years of managed services support experience

a2zManaged Services

BUI’s Azure Managed Services practice leverages off expert skills, strong monitoring and management tools and innovative security solutions to provide a fully managed, efficient and proactive outsourced cloud management experience.

BUI’s tiered and scalable approach to cloud management, allows customers to decide on services that best supports their goals.  BUI does not have a boxed-in approach to service management and will manage, guide, adapt and support our Customer’s Azure infrastructure aligned with best practices and customer approved technologies.

BUI’s comprehensive Modern Azure Managed Services approach is backed by more than 20 years of managed services support experience.

Services are categorised (but not limited to) as Consultative/Advisory, Infrastructure Management, Monitoring, Cost Optimisation and Security with service tiers defined as Silver and Gold.

BUI will manage Azure environments irrespective of agreement model.

BUI will manage your Azure environment at no cost if you transact through BUI CSP. Learn More


BUI a2zManaged is available to all sized and industry customers – whether existing or new, we welcome you to our unique Azure family.

To sign up please contact or log a request through Azure Marketplace (need link).


Data residency is up to you.

BUI Managed Services provided from two of our technical hubs – Johannesburg & Cape Town.


BUI a2zManaged comes in multiple service options with defined tiers – Silver and Gold.

Delivered through BUI Managed Services Desk and backed by Azure-certified architects, consultants and engineers, our customer’s cloud investments are protected, so they can focus on business outcomes, not technology management.

Based on existing Azure deployments, potential growth and business requirements, our expert Sales Executives will assist with choosing the management plan and services that is right for your cloud investment.

BUI Disciplines

The BUI disciplines are areas of practice that employ a specific set of methods, terms, and approaches. BUI uses the following 3 disciplines:

The BUI Project Management Discipline

BUI has a distributed team approach to project management that relates to the foundational principles and models stated above. In BUI, project management practices improve accountability and allow for a great range of scalability from small projects up to very large, complex projects. The BUI Project Management Discipline embraces and is broadly aligned with the technology projects. This includes the Project Management Institute (PMI), the International Project Management Association (IPMA), and Prince2 (Projects in Controlled Environments).

The BUI Risk Management Discipline

Whereas many technology projects fail to effectively manage risk or do not consider risk management necessary for successful project delivery, BUI uses risk management as an enabler of project success. BUI views risk management as one of the BUI disciplines that needs to be integrated into the project life cycle and embodied in the work of every role. Risk-based decision making is fundamental to BUI. And by ranking and prioritizing risks, BUI ensures that the risk management process is effective without being burdensome.

The BUI Project Readiness Discipline

The Readiness Management Discipline defines readiness as a measurement of the current versus the desired state of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) of individuals in an organization. This measurement concerns the real or perceived capabilities of these individuals at any point during the ongoing process of planning, building, and managing solutions. The BUI Readiness Management Discipline limits its focus to the readiness of project teams. It provides guidance and processes for defining, assessing, changing, and evaluating the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for project execution and solution adoption.


The BUI Team Model segments typical solution delivery activities and responsibilities into seven advocacy groups. These groups are interdependent and multidisciplinary. To help have a balanced approach, these roles each bring a unique perspective on what is needed, what must be advocated, and what the goals associated with delivering a solution should be. These roles can be combined for small team situations and expanded for large team situations.

Get started with these 3 Steps


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Once you have an Azure subscription, go to the Azure Sentinel dashboard.


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