Microsoft Secure Remote Work Workshop

Deploy remote work scenarios—rapidly and securely

Workshop highlights

Evaluate your remote work options and business implications in one workshop
Goal is to enable remote work quickly, with more advanced options at a later stage
ONE day workshop leaves you with a concrete deployment plan, timelines, and next actions

Enable your team to work from anywhere with a Remote Work Workshop

Remote work is enabling millions of workers around the world to stay productive, helping organizations to maintain business continuity in the face of our global health crisis.

Workshop objectives

With this one-day workshop, we’ll show you how you can use Microsoft technologies to:

Empower people to stay connected

  • Enable people to meet and collaborate from home
  • Engage people with virtual events and communications
  • Make productivity applications available on any device

Maintain security and control

  • Enable cloud identities with single sign-on and self-service password reset
  • Secure, remote access to Microsoft Teams

“Thanks to your vision and hard work, we can now continue to work together and be fully productive in a virtual setting.”

Maciej KranzCEO of Kone

Why you should attend

We’ll discuss the most critical steps for remote work, and how we can rapidly deploy key scenarios. We’ll evaluate your options and leave you with a concrete deployment plan and next steps.

This one-day workshop is primarily focused on business continuity, addressing the following quick steps of enablement:

1. Enable cloud or hybrid identity

Single sign-on and self- service password reset

2. Rapid deployment of Teams

Checklists, activation, installation, configuration

3. Provide Adoption Kit

End user training, workload introductions & support resources

4. Secure access to Teams

Conditional Access and MFA

Follow-up discussions

The one-day workshop is focusing on quick and secure remote work enablement, which is also a foundational element for future conversations on our Microsoft 365 solutions. There are additional, Microsoft-sponsored workshop conversations that are available, including:


Teams Adoption Workshop


Teams Meeting Workshop


Teams Calling Workshop


Teams Solution Workshop


Secure remote access to on-premises apps (App Proxy)


Enable users to securely access cloud apps from outside corporate networks


Advanced Security Workshop (including Threat Check)


Compliance Workshop


Windows Virtual Desktop Workshop

In addition to the Deployment Guidance report, you’ll get:

  • Environmental & workload analysis, including a quick assessment of your security posture
  • A list of actionable recommendations to deploy hybrid identity, Microsoft Teams, and security
  • Teams & Security Adoption Kit, including end user training, workload introductions, and support resources
  • An inside look at Microsoft’s holistic approach to remote work and how it relates to your organization
  • Identification of potential blockers and challenges
  • Recommendation on free Microsoft 365 trials for immediate deployment
  • Comprehensive technical guide for advanced remote work scenarios

Who should attend

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO)
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Data Governance Officer
  • IT Security
  • IT Compliance
  • Data Governance
  • IT Operations

Let's work together

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What to expect

Threat Check and more

During this one-day workshop at your site, we’ll partner with you to strengthen your organization’s approach to cybersecurity. It starts by helping you better understand how to prioritize and mitigate potential attacks.

How it works: we recommend to start two to three weeks prior to the workshop with Microsoft experts activating the Threat Check solution to run on top of your existing cloud infrastructure. On the day of the workshop, we’ll walk you through a comprehensive Threat Check Results report featuring deep analysis of real cyberattack threats we’ve found currently targeting your organization in three critical areas: identity, email, and data.

These may include:


Malware (including cloud-based and advanced zero-day malware)


Phishing emails


Compromised user accounts


Malicious OAuth apps


Suspicious user activities (risky sign-ins, etc.)

In addition, depending on the selected scenario, you will also:

  • A list of actionable recommendations to help immediately mitigate the identified threats
  • A detailed assessment of your IT and security priorities and initiatives, direct from cybersecurity pros
  • An inside look at Microsoft’s holistic approach to security, and how it relates to your organization
  • A hands-on opportunity to experience what integrated security looks like, including the latest tools and methods
  • Long-term recommendations from Microsoft experts about your security strategy, with key initiatives and tactical next steps

What we’ll do

Analyze your requirements and priorities for a SIEM deployment

Define scope & deploy Azure Sentinel in your production environment

Remote monitoring* and proactive threat hunting to discover attack indicators
*optional component

Discover threats and demonstrate how to automate responses

Recommend next steps on how to proceed with a production implementation of Azure Sentinel

Let's work together

Leave us your details and our Sales Team will be in touch to schedule your workshop.