Business Challenge

Determine the best practices for backup and disaster recovery in Azure for Lonrho.


Azure Consulting







Project Outcome

BUI conducted an Azure Workshop with Lonrho to determine their backup and DR requirements. DPS and Azure Backup was used to backup to Azure

VMs were then replicated to Azure using ASR, a DR plan created and a DR test run

Azure discovery and best practices

Backing up of 3 systems and ASR of 2 critical servers to Azure

Single Workload identified – Azure Backup and DR

DR Testing

BUI Lonrho Case study

Key Customer Benefits


  • Cloud Backup Strategy Defined – Testing two different backup software, determining the correct backup tools and strategy for Lonrho
  • Disaster Recovery Methodology – Disaster Recovery Methodology defined and tested
  • Cloud Roadmap – Defined high level 12-month roadmap to measure their cloud adoption progress
  • Presentable Cloud Strategy – The IT department has a presentable Cloud Strategy and Roadmap for the next 12 months with supporting documentation