Smart Helmet

Pandemic Prevention and Control

Rapid screening for both indoor and outdoor

The Helmet

A Smart Helmet, which is powered by Microsoft Azure, for unaware and contactless temperature measurement. The Helmet records personal information with their daily body temperature automatically. All data on the device can be exported or presented into a central management platform. BUI is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has used its expertise and related Microsoft technology to perfect our Smart Helmet. The Helmet has 9 modes;


Single-person temperature measurement mode

The temperature of the single target in the center of the screen will be measured.

Large-crowd temperature measurement mode

The temperature of the forehead, collar, arm, and other body parts exposed in the screen will be measured.

QR code mode

Scan the QR code to automatically record personal info into the databased in real time, allowing paperless data logging.

QR code & temperature measurement mode

Scan the QR code to acquire the personal information first ,and take a temperature measurement of the person with 3s.

License plate recognition mode

Recognize the vehicle license plate, identify and alert unregistered vehicles or suspect vehicles recorded in the database.

License plate recognition & temperature measurement mode

Besides plate identification, the helmet can measure the temperature pf the single target in the center of the screen.

Thermographic diagnostic imaging mode

Thermal imaging detection on specific parts of the human body to assist finding the location and size of the lesion areas that cause fever.

Night-vision/Facility inspection mode

Thermal imaging scanning of industrial facilities or establishments of night places, HVAC equipment, pipelines and electronic equipment.

Face recognition

The face of the target in the screen is recognized and the personal information will be displayed on the AR display.


  • Augmented Reality Display
  • Individual Person Temp Monitor
  • Large Crowd Temp Monitor – Fast screening
  • Facial Recognition
  • License Plate Recognition
  • QR Code Recognition
  • Night Vision Mode
  • Wireless, GPRS and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Smartwatch control included
  • Wireless Projection

Perfectly suited for

  • Screening of Shift workers
  • Checkpoint’s
  • Public Transport
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • CBD and Shopping
  • Vehicle Screening
  • Office Buildings
  • Plant Inspection

Data Export

  • All data on device can be exported or presenting into a central management platform
  • Face Recognition and be implemented for known persons
  • QR Codes can be linked to People
  • Building access register
  • 5 Hours active Monitoring per helmet
  • Balanced and light for prolonged use, support tripod mode

Unit Management Software Included

  • Each Device has a unique serial number
  • Each device can be controlled via included Management Software
  • Devices can be updated
  • Data can be copied onto and off Helmets

Created with decades of ingenuity

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