Be proactive about Cybercrime

Cyber Security Products and Solutions

Detect and stop threats better with our cybersecurity products. Don’t be an easy target for crime. Request a vulnerability or Active Directory assessment today.


Nettprotect gives you continuous insight into your global security with visibility across all your IT assets, wherever they reside.


The BUI Password Breach Tool is configured out-of-box to meet the NIST SP 800-63 guidelines.


Our Active Directory Audit Tool provides scheduled easy to read audit reports using Microsoft Operations Management Suite data.


Our Smart Phone Communicator APP is an end-to-end encrypted smart-phone application which enables secure communications over any IP-capable bearer.

Be Proactive About Cybercrime Response And Prevention?

Vulnerability assessments usually offer a brief snapshot of what your vulnerability exposure is. The problem however, is that vulnerability assessments are never a complete picture, they only present a partial view into your exposure.

Most businesses react to a security breach which puts the threat actors in control. Businesses should be proactive and test their network security control regularly to reduce the risks and costs of a cyber breach.

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We offer a managed service to take care of your vulnerability and assessment requirements by continuously enhancing the security posture of your business through vulnerability detection & management. Information Security is no longer the ‘ignore it, maybe it will go away’ conversation that it used to be.
This offering includes the following deliverables
  • External Penetration Testing – Simulate an attacker originating from the internet.
  • Internal Penetration Testing – Simulate an attacker that has established access to the internet network.
  • Wireless Penetration Testing – Attempt to compromise the environment through wireless technologies.
  • Application Penetration Testing – Perform attacks against web applications or other applications to identify vulnerabilities.

Real-time audit reports to help an administrator identify change events

The BUI Active Directory Audit Reports service builds on existing customer Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) implementations by providing scheduled easy to read audit reports using data already being collected by OMS.

BUI Reports can deliver real-time audit reports to help an administrator identify change events that are being logged in into OMS.

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BUI Active Directory Audit Reports are conveniently emailed to selected personnel in your organisation based on a schedule that works best for you. All reports are delivered in an easy read format.
This offering includes the following deliverables
  • User Logon Reports
  • Local Logon-Logoff Reports
  • User Management Reports
  • Group Management Reports
  • Computer Management Reports GPO Management Reports
  • OU Management Reports and Domain Policy Changes Reports

How Our Technology Can Help

The BUI Password Breach Tool (PBT) uses a comprehensive layered approach to analyse a password, ensuring it meets the requirements of your security policy. PBT uses a mixture of a rules engine, custom blacklist, heuristic scanning and the BUI Cloud Password Breach Database of over 500 million compromised passwords to provide complete detection of unsuitable passwords.

The agent runs on each Active Directory Domain Controller, intercepting and analysing password changes as they happen, no matter where they originate from. There is no need to install software on any workstations making for a fast and low-risk deployment.

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Deploy Password Breach Tool onto your existing Active Directory Domain Controller(s) to immediately and seamlessly comply with all of the NIST requirements. There is no need to install extra software on workstations and all password change attempts, both accepted and declined, are logged centrally for auditing and reporting purposes.
This offering includes the following deliverables
  • Cloud Password Breach Database of 500 million + breached passwords
  • Comply with NIST SP 800-63B, GDPR and other regulatory requirements
  • Remove complex and ever changing password requirements
  • No desktop software required
  • Negate password dictionary and brute force attacks
  • Granular AD Group Policy based password complexity controls
  • Intelligent heuristics scanning
  • Custom blacklists

Encryption and Decryption, Secure Communication, Interception …

The BUI SECCom App is an end-to-end encrypted communication smart-phone application. The service is Microsoft Azure cloud-hosted and can optionally be hosted on-premise if required.

The Challenge

  • Unlawful interception of communication
  • Most VoIP solutions don’t encrypt communication end-to-end
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Sensitive information leaks

Private Sector: legal firms, financial services, mining & others where board members, senior executives, project teams, investigators etc. engage securely

Public Sector: State-owned enterprises and government departments with government officials who deal with highly classified information with requirements for secure and encrypted communication

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The solution enables individuals to communicate securely over any IP-capable bearer such as Mobile, Wi-Fi, or Satellite internet connections. The current capability includes secure voice calling and instant messaging.
This offering includes the following deliverables and benefits
  • Assurance that only the intended party can decrypt information sent to the recipient thus preventing man-in-the-middle attacks
  • No adverts, data mining or spying of information typed inside the app to 3rd parties
  • Specifically built for secure communication and not as a social platform
  • Data is not stored in external sources, but is stored locally in the app
  • No spam messages as an invite needs to be accepted first
  • Unlimited calls and messaging