Microsoft 365 Backup

Start protecting your valuable Microsoft 365 data with Redstor and BUI today

Improve your cyber resiliency - with borderless data visibility and instant data access

Discover Redstor’s Microsoft 365 protection and ensure you can recover your customers’ cloud data when they need it most. Get free Microsoft 365 protection for up to 30 days. Redstor’s pioneering backup and restore technology provides on-demand access to all Microsoft data – wherever it is stored – at any time, on any device

Protecting valuable Microsoft 365 data

  • Implement M365 protection remotely across your customers’ estates
  • Ensure lost or deleted business-critical data can be recovered instantly
  • Offer significant savings with simple, predictable pricing

Designed for MSPs

Our 30-day Free Microsoft 365 Protection is designed for multi-tenancy through a single, web-based control centre, M365 protection is part of Redstor’s powerful, revenue-generating data management platform for MSPs

  • Minimise your overheads and maximise margins
  • Simplify management with policy-driven automation
  • Scale effortlessly for maximum cost savings
  • Move data transparently with no downtime
  • Benefit from transparent, predictable pricing and simple billing
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Avoid dependency

Evidence compliance

Find every reference to data subject, including in M365. Fully auditable.

Centralised management

Establish consistent protection policies across entire data estate.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Move data easily back on premises. Access data anywhere. No downtime.

Strong Security

Role-based permissions. No circumventing M365 security. Data sovereignty.

Retain control

Rapid restores of Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams for business continuity.

Fast to deploy

Autoscale protection easily. No impact on local bandwidth. No capital expenditure. Try for free with no commitment.

Get in touch today and see how Redstor will transform the way you manage data.

Protect your OneDrive, Sharepoint, Exchange and Teams data today.

​​​​​​​Back up all the Microsoft 365 data within your organisation.