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Email Security & Protection

Over 90% of security incidents are caused by lack of staff awareness.
Assess the level of human cyber risk in your business, mitigate the risk where found and meet your compliance obligations.

Access the full platform to experience our comprehensive solution in action.

The biggest advantage of cloud adoption is the reduction of time your IT operational team spends on menial administrative tasks. Through adopting cloud solutions, they are freed up to become more innovative, strategic and reactive to business needs.

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BUI has partnered with SendMarc to offer our customers the gold standard of email protection – Sendmarc. DMARC compliance actively protects your domain from email phishing and impersonation attacks.

In most cases, unauthenticated emails aren’t rejected by the server that receives them. Without the right email protection, it’s almost impossible for recipients to tell if that email in their inbox legitimately came from you or not.

Sendmarc helps protect your staff, your customers, and your brand from email phishing and impersonation attacks – ensuring that only you can send secure email from your domain

Here’s what you get with Sendmarc
Visibility – Full visibility of legitimate and unauthorised servers sending email from your domain.
DMARC Compliance – Ensure that employee communications are sent from authorised channels that are archived and recorded.
DMARC Security – Unauthorised, intercepted, or changed emails from your domain will be rejected by receiving servers.
Secure Email Delivery – Increase deliverability, as the receiving server can trust their legitimacy and no longer divert mail to spam.

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