Microsoft Office 365 is live in Africa DC

You can now move core data to the new Office 365 datacenter geos

Office 365 cloud services are now available in local data centre regions

Delivering improved productivity and latency to customers.


As Microsoft strives to support the digital transformation of organizations and enterprises around the world, they continue to drive innovation and expand into new geographies to empower more customers with Office 365, the world’s leading cloud-based productivity solution. Today, they took another step in their ongoing investment to help enable digital transformation and societal impact across Africa with the general availability of Office 365 services from our new cloud datacenters in South Africa.

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BUI is well versed in Microsoft 365 enablement, migration and security practices.

We are the go-to Modern Workplace Microsoft partner in South Africa for many years.

Existing customers that have their core customer data stored in an already existing datacenter geo are not impacted by the launch of a new datacenter geo. We introduce no unique capabilities, features or compliance certifications with the new datacenter geo. As a customer in any of those two geos, you will experience the same quality of service, performance and security controls as you did before. We offer existing customers listed in the table below an option to request early migration of their organization’s core customer data at rest to their new datacenter geo.