BUI Azure Managed Service

Moved to the cloud? BUI's Azure Managed Services provides base operations management support

BUI Azure Managed Services

BUI’s managed services practice leverages off expert Azure and Services skills, strong monitoring and management tools and innovative security solutions to provide a fully managed, efficient and proactive outsourced cloud management experience for our customers.

BUI Azure Managed Solutions

  • Cloud Managed SD-WAN with VeloCloud
  • Cloud Managed WVD
  • DC Migration as a Service
  • Web/App Migration as a Service
  • Nettprotect Vulnerability Scanning as a Service

The Right Advice

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Advisory Services
  • Cloud Adoption Roadmap
  • Migration Assessment
  • Migration Planning
  • Cyber Security Assessment
  • Security Roadmap
  • Solution Assessments

The Right Solution

  • Business Focused Enablement and Migration Services
  • Secure Cloud Architecture
  • Comprehensive Cloud Security
  • Vulnerability Detection Services
  • Data Center Migration to Cloud
  • Web / Application Migration to Cloud
  • Best Practice Based Migrations
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud SIEM

The Right Management

  • BUI Cloud Management Portal
  • Integrated ITIL Based Service Desk
  • Tiered Service Agreements 24/7 Support Services
  • Cost and Billing Management
  • Proactive Monitoring with Integrated Event Management
  • Configuration, Network, Operational Management
  • Regular Service Metric Feedback
  • Advisory Services
  • Backup, Recovery, Resiliency, Patch Management
  • Backed by our Azure CoR

The Right Security

BUI Cyber SoC

  • BUI Security Operations Center
  • Cloud SIEM
  • Monitor Cloud and On-premise Infrastructure
  • Secure Hybrid Cloud
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Threat Hunting
  • Advanced Telemetry
  • Data Residency
  • Holistic Security
  • Supported Globally
  • Multiple Data Collectors
  • DevOps Model

BUI’s Azure Managed Services Offering is an affordable, fully managed Cloud Infrastructure Management solution. We eliminate your need for costly IT operation costs, upskilling and monitoring.

Each solution offered, is priced to scale

BUI includes full support during the service tenure

BUI uses Microsoft Lighthouse to manage customer resources and subscriptions

BUI Managed Solutions available on Azure Marketplace

Managed Services Catalogue

BUI’s Cloud Managed Services leverage off expert cloud skills, strong monitoring and management insights and innovative security solutions to provide a fully managed, efficient and proactive outsourced cloud management experience.

Service Onboarding

Onboarding and access to BUI Cloud Management Portal (CMP), BUI Managed Services Desk, BUI Azure Compliance Portal, Azure Lighthouse and Teams site for self-help, reporting and collaboration.

Best Practice Alignment

BUI will align your cloud environment to ensure best practice access management, networking, configuration, compliance and monitoring.

Tenant and Subscription Management

Unlimited growth opportunity with best practice conformity and piece of mind.


BUI will provide as-built documentation during the service contract period.

Tiered Cloud Management Services

Tiered service agreement based on your business objectives and requirements – from basic to advanced.

Account Managed

Managed by the BUI Cloud Managed Services Desk with tiered aligned Service Level Agreements. Unlimited escalations to Microsoft Support. Regular Service Feedback.

Service SLA

Standard service agreement for incident, event, change and problem management.

Advisory Services

Access to the BUI Azure, Networking, Security and Managed Services experts. BUI will monitor, evaluate and advise on existing and new Azure resource adoption, performance, security and compliance.

Visible Consumption and Consolidated Billing

Access, consolidate, report, evaluate and forecast your Azure Spend with BUI’s Cloud Management Portal self-help capabilities.

Cost Optimisation

From self-help to fully managed cost optimisation services, including Rightsizing, Hybrid Benefit, Workload Reduction, License optimization, Orphaned Objects

Proactive Monitoring

Templated alerting and monitoring utilising free/standard native monitoring tools. Tiered based Alert integration with BUI Managed Service Desk event management.

Cloud Backup, Recovery & Resiliency

From configuration to managed Backup and Recovery with basic to full participation disaster recovery testing.

Asset Management

Accessible and maintained Configuration Management Database of your cloud assets, updated real-time.

Infrastructure Configuration Management

From maintaining status quo to Azure IaaS Resource Configuration, Patch, Backup and Policy Management.
Database Health Checks and Performance Tuning
Azure Runbook Development and Scheduling.

Networking Configuration Management

From maintaining the status quo to managing your cloud Virtual Network(s), Connectivity, Express Route and VPN, Web Traffic, Third Party Security Virtual Appliances.

Security Management

Maintain BUI baseline security, anti-malware, antivirus, access control (RBAC, JIT/JE, MFA), security reviews and tiered security detection, hunting and breach recovery services.

Affordable Pricing

We offer the following pricing models:

Download the detailed pricing breakdown, here


Entry level service with:

  • Self-help reporting capability on Azure services
  • Best practice recommendations

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Basic Azure Managed Services offering with:

  • Inhouse skills to maintain and manage cloud resources
  • Self-help tools
  • Automated feedback
  • Alerting
  • Ability to log incidents

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Primary Azure Managed Services offering with:

  • BUI managing your cloud resources with defined service level agreement
  • Self-help tools and cost,
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Cloud compliance monitoring
  • Full ITIL support

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Premium Azure Managed Services offering for customers with:

  • BUI managing your cloud resources with a defined/custom service level agreement
  • Additional monitoring, support and advanced configuration needs
  • This service depends on paid for cloud services in addition to standard tools

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Service Take on

  • BUI attaches a percentage-based service cost based on Azure consumption.
  • BUI AMS is available in three tiers – Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • Licensing is BYOL, considering Azure Hybrid Benefits where applicable.

Managed Services

  • BUI attaches a percentage-based service cost based on Azure consumption.
  • BUI AMS is available in three tiers – Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • Licensing is BYOL, considering Azure Hybrid Benefits where applicable.


  • BUI includes a reduction of 20% of our standard hourly rate for Managed Services customers.
  • All manged service agreements include advisory services.
  • Where appropriate, these might result in mini projects that will be charged for on a times and materials basis at the agreed services rate.


Azure Hybrid Benefit is available to customers who own eligible SQL Server and/or Windows Server licences with active Software Assurance or the equivalent qualifying subscription licences.

The offer is available in all Azure cloud regions.

  • Windows Server Datacenter edition with Software Assurance
  • Windows Server Standard Edition with Software Assurance
  • SQL Server Enterprise Core with Software Assurance
  • SQL Server Standard Core with Software Assurance

Get started with these 3 Steps


Set up your Azure subscription with a free trial.


Once you have an Azure subscription, go to the Azure Sentinel dashboard.


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