BUI News - Security must be part of your online business playbookBusiness
September 1, 2020

Security must be part of your online business playbook

BUI CISSP Neil du Plessis and First Digital KZN Managing Executive Gabriel Malherbe discuss why a security strategy is critical for any enterprise with web-facing assets. In 2019, South Africa…
August 9, 2020

‘Attain your goals the way you want to attain them’

Emmanuella Tieku joined BUI earlier this year as part of our internship programme. Her passion is cyber security and she's determined to lead the way for the next generation of…
June 17, 2020

Email security update: DMARC for our customers

We're going to implement the DMARC email security standard for our existing customers, free of charge, as part of our ongoing efforts to help create a safer internet. DMARC (Domain-based…